April 12

Mega Burg: The Beginning – Part 1 Finished (Getting ready to publish)

Hey everybody!

I know it might look like I have been dead, but I was in fact busy with all manner of little bits and pieces. As to creative writing I was finishing my first commercial (fully original) novelette set in my Mega Burg universe.

“So, hold on, what’s all this about?”

Simply put, I wanted to create a longer novel that would show how Mega Burg came to be. Thus Mega Burg: The Beginning. Unfortunately finishing the full novel would still take many more months (due to other responsibilities that I also have) but I wanted to show you, dear readers, my work in some form (aside from my short stories) and also to make all that hard work cover (at least in a small part) the costs of living, eating and breathing in our capitalist society.

And thus, some time in May, I shall release Mega Burg: The Beginning – Part 1. It will be sold as an e-book through Amazon (for now) and as more parts are completed they will be sold seperately. Until, of course, the book is fully completed, in which case people will still be able to buy individual parts or the full book.

Prices? Being a novelette and coming from a largely unknown author (namely, myself) each part will be sold for $0.99.

Considering the length (which is almost 23,000 words, or 50 A4 Pages, which will be however much on Kindle) and general pricing on Amazon I consider that a fair price.

Paperback? Not yet. Not until all the parts are completed at least (no ETA on that).

If you want to find out more about the world of Mega Burg you can check the Project page on this site…

Or, go to a fully separate site that I created for the purpose of Mega Burg. As I will continue my work that site will be updated, to include more information, curious tid-bits, art, and of course information about upcoming books, novels and other related projects!

For now, enjoy your time on my site, and stay tuned for more news!

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