July 24

My Patreon is Live!

Well, after a long while I decided it is time to launch a Patreon page to help fund my projects. A lot of updates will occur here, but if you wish to help with my funding, and get access to some unique perks head on over to Patreon!

My Fabulous Patreon

What about the Mechamancer? Where is he hiding? The only part remaining is the cover of the comic. Once that is ready (within two weeks) the comic will be fully published and released.

On other relevant news, the Mechamancer will be submitted to the Ghost City Comics competition in the Short Story competition.

Stay tuned for more news!

July 8

Mechamancer – Almost there!

Well, it has been a long while but finally Mechamancer has almost reached final completion. A lot of delays, brainstorming and creative problems have been overcome! So, when can you expect the ready comic? My estimate is this month. All that is left is the lettering… so while we all wait it is time to take a small glimpse at one of the pages from the Mechamancer!

I know it’s not much… but hey! Better late than never! Once the comic will be fully ready you will be able to download it in PDF form from here, as well as other sites (a list of which will be provided).

Just a little bit of the Mechamancer – Art by Joel Saavedra