November 26

The Helmet

Sometimes when I cannot motivate myself to work on one of my projects I decide to write something a bit shorter. Usually I look for an image to inspire me, or a “phrase” or word. Anything to get the gears of imagination going. In this case I used an drawing that an artist at Comic-Con drew for me of a character called Meenoo. This young cub though small has the energy and bravery of the greatest heroes known to man. No shrubbery, tree or frog will stop her in her quests and adventures! So, here is a bit of Meenoo for you. Hope you will enjoy!

Forgive the poor image quality, but the scanner was doing a poor job so I tried to photograph it.

This art piece is by Karolina Jedrzejak. You can find her on facebook:

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November 25

Another day, another two chapters

Progress is slow but I am getting somewhere. Work and my studies have been sapping my strength but I am sure that by the end of the year I will either finish the novel (time permit) or at least I will be close to finishing it.

In any case! You did not come to listen to me moping, so here’s Chapters 4 and 5. Enjoy!

And just in case you do not know what this is all about, check on the right under “Ongoing Projects” the Battle of Oakenfall Novel. There you can read all the previous chapters!

Chapters 4 and 5


November 10

Progress Report – Battle of Oakenfall Novel (And a small preview)


While NaNoWriMo continues and I slowly progress through the novel (it will be tough as nails to get it all done by the end of the month) I wanted to share what I have prepared, to a greater or lesser extent, and that is the first two chapters of the novel.

While it’s just a small chunk of the whole novel, and we still have a way to go I think it’s a nice stopping point to introduce any and all those curious what this is all about.

So, if you wish to read the Novel in its current state (the first two chapters of it) follow the link below to the PDF and be free to download and print it as you see fit. Apologies for any mistakes in the text but I am not a great editor or even a spellchecker. I can at least hope it is readable.

Disclaimer(s): This novel will not be sold for any sum of money, it will be available for free download from this site. At the same time pleasure assume that the characters in the novel, how they are presented and how they act is not part of Armello canon/lore. It’s a work of fan-fiction, and as such I take some liberties in presenting the world in my own way (though hopefully close to the original).

Enjoy and expect more!

P.S. You can also see the tapestry of the Battle of Oakenfall here.