January 26

It’s Over

It's Over

Before you get any ideas, no, I am not closing down the site or quitting my writing career, it’s just the name of my comic. For a while I have been experimenting with 1-page comic scripts, to try and cram in as much story/emotions/thoughts as possible into a single page. This is my first such experiment.

The art is by Joel Saavedra (go check his DeviantArt)

What’s the comic about? I could tell you but that would defeat the purpose I feel. And in case it’s too hard to tell my script writing was just that bad!

In any case, enjoy. (Click the image for a super-duper high resolution image)

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January 23


This short short could be called an “excerpt” from a novel I hope to one day write. Said novel would be the second part of the Armello Civil War. If you did not read the first part no worries, as the events described here are not really justified there. I wanted to leave enough of a hint as to why the Rabbit Clan is fighting the Bear Clan, without giving away too much of what the novel will be about.

Now, we are never told Barnaby or Hargrave’s actual ages, but in this tale I imagine Barnaby to be an apprentice-level engineer. So, somebody who is still young, in training, while Hargrave is already in his middle age, but before losing his leg. Like always with my fan-fiction and depiction of war… it’s a grim one.

But, I hope you will enjoy it regardless!

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January 14

Freedom! HAHA!

The exam period is over, and now I can return to my writing, although I do have a week of translation work ahead of me.

The plan, as I see it, is to continue work on Mega Burg (at least at a steady pace) and work on some more writing, such as short stories, when time permits.

I know, it’s not a revolution, from the way I might be describing it, but for the past two weeks I was unable to do almost anything but studying. With that out of the way my brain CPU is once again free.

So… stay tuned!