October 31

Something I learned about self-publishing… And why I had to increase the price of my first novel.

Ever since I began writing Mega-Burg I knew I wanted to self-publish it first as an e-book. The problem was that at the time I wanted to make it extremely cheap ($0.99) because of its length and to attract readers.

There is a problem however, with pricing your book so low, not only on the purely economic but also self-evaluating front.

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February 23

Tea And Cigars

A short story set in With Tooth and Tail. These are not characters from the game, instead I wanted to maybe portray how people from outside of the game’s “Empire” reacted to the news of the ongoing civil war. This is from the perspective of the ruling/upper class, but I thought that point of view could be a bit more interesting. You might guess, due to some gentle (or blunt) suggestions that the heroes here are based in an Empire similar to that of pre-World War 1 Empire of Great Britain, while the Kaiser Chancellor are from Germany, and the Eastern Empire relates to Russia. I know that such details are never explicitly given in the game itself, but what’s fan-fiction without a bit of fiction, right?

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February 1

Bells and Ribbons

Bells and Ribbons is a short story set in my original world of Mega Burg, a setting where rats managed to survive and thrive in a vast tunnel complex right beneath a fast food restaurant known as Mega Burger. While I am still in the progress of writing my novel about the rats of Mega Burg and how it came to be I wanted to take some time to give all of you a glimpse into this curious world. A world that the rats have to build from the base up, forging their own laws, rules and beliefs, and facing many dangers on their own.

The reason I wrote this particular story is because Valentine’s Day is approaching! So I thought I could pour some romance ahead of time.


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January 26

It’s Over

It's Over

Before you get any ideas, no, I am not closing down the site or quitting my writing career, it’s just the name of my comic. For a while I have been experimenting with 1-page comic scripts, to try and cram in as much story/emotions/thoughts as possible into a single page. This is my first such experiment.

The art is by Joel Saavedra (go check his DeviantArt)

What’s the comic about? I could tell you but that would defeat the purpose I feel. And in case it’s too hard to tell my script writing was just that bad!

In any case, enjoy. (Click the image for a super-duper high resolution image)

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