August 28


The Mechamancer

by: Joel Saavedra – Artist

Alex Bielski – Writer

Universe: Fallout

Released for public view: 28th August 2017

PDF Download: Mechamancer

The Mechamancer was my first ever comic project that was born from a simple idea, back somewhere in January 2017. The idea? That the robots and robotics in the Fallout universe almost felt like magic, Necromancy in a way. The art of building robots with technology that would be perhaps even impossible to replicate anymore.

In Fallout’s universe the world has been destroyed by a mass of nuclear bombs, and what remains behind, those two centuries later (depending on which game you played) are the people who through luck or determination survived.

So naturally the world is much different to what it once was. It is filled with ruins and remains of days long gone. As you might imagine however, after those 200 years, a lot has changed too. New nations and groups have arisen and humanity has a clear chance of surviving.

But, as you can guess, old habits die hard and war, murder and bigotry still exist (in one form or another).

This comic, coming from a simple idea, evolved over the months of work me and Joel Saavedra put into it. From just a story about somebody who can create robots (or can he?) it turned into a tale of a man who was driven to the decision that the world, as it stands, must change.

In Video Games we often see a protagonist (typically the player) who tries to change the world, for better or worse. But, I tried to put this through a realism spectrum. What if deciding what was right was not simple at all? What would we do given the same option or powers? Would we be happy with that end result? We can’t just reload a save file and give things another try, or look at a Wiki to see what would be the path. We go into our lives a bit blind.

I hope you will enjoy this comic as much as I found it a blast creating it.

Will there be a continuation of the Mechamancer’s tale? You will have to wait and see!