August 28

The Mechamancer is Here (Sort of)

After a long time the Mechamancer can be considered (almost) officially finished. While the cover is still being prepared, for a full and proper PDF download I wanted to give everybody access to the comic early on. In the comic week or two the cover should be finished. Then you will be free to download it, send it to your friends or do whatever it is people do with comics!

Follow this link to find the comic:

Spread the word, if you like, comments are always appreciated.

But most importantly, enjoy.

August 17



I am on an Armello roll, no? Yet another Armello short story, this time focusing on a guardsman who truly believed in his king. In those places where I say “retriever” it is Golden Retriever (since the guardsmen are anthropomorphic dogs). The name of the village Oakenfall comes from within the game’s lore. Enjoy!

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August 16

No More Contact Form?

Well, turns out that the automated Contact-form I WANTED to work failed to do so (utterly). So, I left my e-mail contact there, with a tissue thin defense from spam bots. Unless I fix that form somehow, someday it will have to remain like that for now!