May 10

Med-1 – Fallout 76

Med-1, also known as Medi, began its existence as a Mainframe in Watoga’s fully automated hospital. It was capable of making complex calculations, estimations and analysis within moments, allowing for quick and efficient handling of any injured or ill patients who were brought into the facility.

Every major city facility had its own mainframe, with its own tasks and responsibilities. The city, in essence, was divided between many such mainframes, but with the means to communicate with one another freely, exchanging necessary information. This allowed for an efficient, well run city, without human interference.

The folly of one man however changed everything. A virus was uploaded into Watoga, and within moments the corrupt mainframes and robots began targeting the city’s populace, exterminating anybody who did not flee from their metal claws and lasers.

The army was called to contain the situation, and a siege of the city begun. Attempts at cutting power to the city proved futile, because the mainframes simply shut down those modules that were deemed unnecessary, and the city’s defences remained active. Multiple assaults were attempted, and all of them failed, but each time more and more crucial segments that the Mainframes controlled were destroyed.

Slowly, the Mainframes in the city of Watoga began to lose the battle, but before the army could retake control, the nukes fell.

EMP caused by the explosions fried most of Watoga’s complex, intricate systems, leaving the Mainframes helpless and eventually without power. As each of them shut down, unable to sustain themselves, the Mainframe of the Watoga Hospital was one of the last to remain active, and following its laws attempted a risky gamble to preserve itself.

With its limited resources it constructed a new frame, within one of its operating theatres, which was to store as much of its data as was possible, and grant it free movement and operation. This would allow it to repair the facility and hopefully bring it back online, thus restoring itself back to life.

The mainframe never succeeded in this.

While the frame was constructed and copying of data began, it was never completed fully. Most of the mainframes memory banks, relating to recent events, were lost. Extensive medical knowledge, and segments of the virus, were passed on, as well as much of the original code the mainframe possessed.

Time passed, the frame, frozen in its tomb, remained dormant, until its low energy banks signalled an emergency startup. Although the frame powered itself on, all of its data was in chaos. Its systems began to try and piece everything back together, and from this chaos of code, faulty logic and implanted virus, a very unlikely hero was born, Med-1.

Med-1, with its last available power, managed to recharge itself, through the use of abandoned Fusion Cores found in the hospital’s basement, and as its system continued to try and understand its purpose the Scorched appeared.

Med-1’s initial protocols demanded he tried to tend to the infected populace, which he did, forcibly. He captured individual Scorched and attempted to cure them, failing completely. The new disease was recorded in his databank. A disease that could not be cured, a disease that spread dangerously quickly. A disease which had clear symptoms. And it spread to most everything it touched, except Med-1 itself.

There was only one conclusion, in Med-1’s logic. The plague had to be contained, and through the only means Med-1’s virus code understood; complete extermination of the infected.

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