October 10

Mega Burg

What is Mega Burg? While I am still developing the idea, and preparing the whole infrastructure for making it a reality let me introduce you to this strange new world.

Mega Burg is about a settlement governed by Rats, living underground, beneath a Fast Food Restaurant called Mega Burger. The rats have formed their own “civilization”, hidden out of sight, fearful of the Tall Ones (Humans) who many generations ago lead the Rats to abandon their homes, or die to Poison.

But the tale of Mega Burg does not follow any particular rat, or single tale. It’s meant to be a History of these Rats. Starting at the origins of Mega Burg, and ending when I find a stable set-point for their History. From there? More tales of these brave little Rats, in a very hostile world.

Mega Burg is not meant to be just a work of fantasy, through research and collaboration I hope to make their society and culture look realistic. A history of a civilization that starts with nothing and then grows into something fascinating and beautiful. Our own history is filled with many great origins of different civilizations, and many Video Games create new races, faiths and religions to make their world seem alive. But sometimes the information we are given is not enough, or some of it has been lost. What I hope to accomplish is to show how this civilization evolved during its key moments in history. But do not be worried, it will not be just boring history of the first fire, or the discovery of democracy (if that will exist at all). Many of humanity’s greatest achievements were born out of necessity. War has propelled technology forth at a terrifying pace.

The Rats of Mega Burg will face many challenges and dangers, ones which they will have to overcome if they wish to survive. Of course, the end spoiler is that the society as a whole will survive, but the cost may be great indeed.

So, what is going to happen next? Well, I am working on the first issue of Mega Burg, and I hope to work on it with Joel Saavedra (the Artist I worked with on Mechamancer). I am still debating whether crowdfunding will be the best option, or should I take a slow and steady approach, working on it a page at a time, to then print physical copies of the comic and try to sell them.

The early concept for the 1st Issue is present. A total of 30 pages (32 if we include cover and back) in color. And the comic will depict the events that “created” Mega Burg.

Hopefully it will be a blast.