November 1

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Want to support my work? Own a kindle? Do not mind sometimes slightly amateurish production? Well, do I have an offer for you! Below are any books that I sell on Amazon, as an E-Book or Paperback. If you want to say “Thanks!” and want to own a piece of my writing now is your chance!

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Mega Burg: Exodus (E-Book)

Mega BurgHow did Mega Burg come to be? What forced the rats to settle in the tunnels below Mega Burger? What dangers did this new civilization face and what challenges did it have to endure? All these and more questions will be answered in this book.

Part 1 is told from Brown’s perspective. Brown, a male rat who managed to save his family from near-certain death, ends up becoming a central figure in Mega Burg, and the many burdens of becoming a leader will test his resolve.

Available on: Amazon (E-book)

Price: $2.99