November 7

Armello: War of Burning Glades

Want to check up on the progress of my NaNoWriMo Novel for 2018? I will be posting all of my Chapters/Segments right here, for better organization.

What is War of Burning Glades? In 2017 I wrote, as a first fling, “Battle of Oakenfall” but I always knew that there would be subsequent parts to what I call my “Armello Civil War” series, where, due to the machinations of one particular force numerous factions and groups both within and around Armello get caught in the flames of war. Their very survival depends on working together and achieving, in the end, victory over Nubine. But the Worm does not lie dormant, and it knows, all too well, how to toy with its enemies.

War of Burning Glades is the second novel in the series, and focuses on a conflict that erupts between two prominent clans in Armello. Why did this occur? Well, you will have to find out!

Available Parts:

Chapters 1-3: DOCPDF

Chapter 4-7: DOC