November 28

About Me

For all those curious.

My name is Alex “WriterX” Bielski. I studied Psychology and Creative Media in Scotland/England. Currently Director of a small company called Free Music Ltd. (it’s all about copyright-free music, not the most colorful part of my life) and part-time English to Polish translator.

I started writing ever since I can remember. Already in Primary School I loved writing stories and I always considered myself to be a very creative person. I dabbled a bit in drawing and photography but writing is what I always enjoyed doing.

Although my literary ambitions were a bit extinguished as time went on (harsh reality of life clashing with childhood dreams) over the past year or so I returned to my hobby of old and decided to start a site where I would try to write shorter and longer stories. Genre is not as important as the aim alone of practising my writing skills, so I will write something funny, serious or dramatic, depending on my mood.

So yes, here on this site you can find a few of my small projects. I have ideas I would wish to pursue but work always restricts that ambition a bit. Will I give up though? Of course not. I am bullheaded enough to see my ideas through (eventually).

So, enjoy my stories, and if you wish to get in touch check the “Contact” page!


Alex “WriterX” Bielski