October 31

Something I learned about self-publishing… And why I had to increase the price of my first novel.

Ever since I began writing Mega-Burg I knew I wanted to self-publish it first as an e-book. The problem was that at the time I wanted to make it extremely cheap ($0.99) because of its length and to attract readers.

There is a problem however, with pricing your book so low, not only on the purely economic but also self-evaluating front.

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January 14

Freedom! HAHA!

The exam period is over, and now I can return to my writing, although I do have a week of translation work ahead of me.

The plan, as I see it, is to continue work on Mega Burg (at least at a steady pace) and work on some more writing, such as short stories, when time permits.

I know, it’s not a revolution, from the way I might be describing it, but for the past two weeks I was unable to do almost anything but studying. With that out of the way my brain CPU is once again free.

So… stay tuned!

December 31

Armello Bestiary – Some more

While not a story I wanted to share some more of my creative deliberations on some critters that might or might not be suited for Armello. It is nothing too fancy, but in a world filled with magic I think we can go the extra mile and spice it up a bit.

This includes the Plagueling, but also a few other beings that I thought up (or based off of other mythological/fantasy creatures).

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November 1

Taking part in NaNoWriMo 2017. Wish me luck!

In case you are wondering what is this NaNoWriMo gibberish, it’s a “Write a Novel in a Month” kind of event, similar to Inktober. The idea is that you will write a novel, 50,000 words in 30 days. Seems plausible, but will I actually succeed? We shall see!

More information about NaNoWriMo can be found here: https://nanowrimo.org/

Wish me luck!

October 3

The Little Steps Toward a Larger Plan

Hey everybody,

You might be wondering about the visible lack of updates or new stories. Comics take time to make (the Armello “Comic” should be ready by the end of the month, no ETA for “It’s Over”) and stories take a bit of a time investment to write properly. That, and as of last week I have been secretly working on a project that, I hope, I will be able to turn into a larger series. Hush hush though, no details yet.

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August 16

No More Contact Form?

Well, turns out that the automated Contact-form I WANTED to work failed to do so (utterly). So, I left my e-mail contact there, with a tissue thin defense from spam bots. Unless I fix that form somehow, someday it will have to remain like that for now!


December 19

A Calradia Guide – Mount and Blade “Project”

While I am still recovering from an intensive week or two of work (and the christmas craze under way) I searched some of my more recent and completed works. This is something I was very proud of, the Calradia Guide. I wanted to combine “Fiction Writing” with a “Practical Guide”. Added some swagger to it (background, cover, etc.) and tried to make more. A bit of a labor intensive idea, but I learned a thing or two in the process.

I hoped that I could, at the time of when I was creating this, get in touch with Video Gaming companies and make such guides more common place. However it was not a very profitable idea and could not get anybody to sign up on it.

Below is the link to download the PDF version. Unfortunately it’s a bit too large to paste it into here (it’s 47 pages long). Hope you enjoy it none the less!

Mount and Blade Calradia Guide