September 17

Slight illness and Mini-Project Updates

Hey all!

Well, due to some annoying flu I am on anti-biotics until such a time that I fully recover (which should be about a week). But, fret not, work has been slowly moving forward.

The Script for the 1-page comic known as “It’s Over” has been approved and work is under way. I do not know when the first drafts will be ready (to give you all a sneak peak) but Joel needs his time to make sure the panels are as good as they get.

Now, onto the second Mini-Project. Together with Purpleground03 we are working a… “Tapestry”. Neither of us ever tried to create a Medieval Tapestry, so we are looking at actual historical works, and I sent forth a very rough sketch of what it might look like. I would show it to you all, but I am so shamefully bad at drawing I’d rather not.

If all goes well we will have two mini-projects finished by the end of the month, and what happens next? We shall see!

I am still figuring out how to work with Crowdfunding best, as it’s no easy piece of toast, and maybe, some time soon, I will be starting a small campaign for, at first, a shorter comic.

Until next time!


September 10

What am I working on now?

If you are curious what I have been up to lately then here is the scoop:

I am planning a few 1-page comics, for now one will be set in Armello the other in Fallout. I do not want to spoil the details just yet.

Other than that, I am researching ways of funding something a bit larger, namely a full-sized 24 page comic (in some instances this is considered a full issue), but what the comic will be about is still not on the table. It’s more about the calculations of the costs, and thus the needed funds to make it happen. And, most importantly, how to get them.

Still a lot of time before September ends, so who knows what will happen? I sure don’t!