December 19

A Calradia Guide – Mount and Blade “Project”

While I am still recovering from an intensive week or two of work (and the christmas craze under way) I searched some of my more recent and completed works. This is something I was very proud of, the Calradia Guide. I wanted to combine “Fiction Writing” with a “Practical Guide”. Added some swagger to it (background, cover, etc.) and tried to make more. A bit of a labor intensive idea, but I learned a thing or two in the process.

I hoped that I could, at the time of when I was creating this, get in touch with Video Gaming companies and make such guides more common place. However it was not a very profitable idea and could not get anybody to sign up on it.

Below is the link to download the PDF version. Unfortunately it’s a bit too large to paste it into here (it’s 47 pages long). Hope you enjoy it none the less!

Mount and Blade Calradia Guide