December 14

What is going on?

I know some people dropping by here might take a look at the date of my last posting and wonder whether I am dead, or otherwise unable to work at all. Nothing further from the truth! I am hard at work on another novel that I think I shall call (since a book’s title could be the very last thing an author will write) Mega Burg: Exodus.

Yes, I have finally decided to begin work on Mega Burg, my own original idea. Not only that, but unlike my previous works I intend to sell this one through Amazon. Why? I always wanted to be a professional writer, and you cannot call yourself a true professional unless your work actually earned a buck. The line between “Hobby” and “Professiona” might seem thin, but I do not wish to stop on just one novel. The world of Mega Burg has to be expanded.

At the same time more funds means more possibilities, including more free comics, stories and whatnot. I have ideas, but not the money to see them through.

Now, let’s talk a bit about Mega Burg: Exodus. The Novel will be focusing on the “birth” of the Mega Burg rats. How they ended up where they were, and the challenges they faced as their colony took its baby steps. Depending on how the writing goes, and how much I end up including in the novel itself, the final length (that I aim at) is aroudn 50,000 words. Furthermore I want to sell the novel as an E-Book on Amazon. The simple reason being low costs. As much as I would want to make prints of it for sale or find a publisher that might not be an option just yet.

And, in the end, if the book will be in its E-Book format it’s a short step from turning it into a physical novel, no?

The planned ETA for finishing the Novel is January, and if all goes well it will be published in February. As the situation develops I will post up updates (and maybe some cover art too!)

For now, enjoy your stay and be free to look through my already available stories and projects!

December 7

The Battle of Oakenfall is here!

After a month of mind numbing work I have decided that work on the Novel had to end… What? Oh! It’s finished. I just did not want to push it any further, and instead leave room, and time, to work on the second part, when I could eventually get to it. You see, the Battle of Oakenfall was meant to speak about a particular event in the Armello Civil War, and I successfully did that. What I wanted to leave all of you dear readers with is a sense of “Oh, what will happen next?”. I have ideas, lots of ideas, but aside from hobby writing I need to do some work that actually brings in a buck, so that I can then continue my “writing for pleasure”.

In any case, here is the full, free PDF of the Battle of Oakenfall. It might not be the longest (or best formatted or edited) book out there but it’s my own. The final word count is 21,700 words, so not at all shabby for a first timer, eh?

The Full Novel (in PDF)


November 26

The Helmet

Meenoo Draft

Sometimes when I cannot motivate myself to work on one of my projects I decide to write something a bit shorter. Usually I look for an image to inspire me, or a “phrase” or word. Anything to get the gears of imagination going. In this case I used an drawing that an artist at Comic-Con drew for me of a character called Meenoo. This young cub though small has the energy and bravery of the greatest heroes known to man. No shrubbery, tree or frog will stop her in her quests and adventures! So, here is a bit of Meenoo for you. Hope you will enjoy!

Forgive the poor image quality, but the scanner was doing a poor job so I tried to photograph it.

This art piece is by Karolina Jedrzejak. You can find her on facebook:

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November 25

Another day, another two chapters

Progress is slow but I am getting somewhere. Work and my studies have been sapping my strength but I am sure that by the end of the year I will either finish the novel (time permit) or at least I will be close to finishing it.

In any case! You did not come to listen to me moping, so here’s Chapters 4 and 5. Enjoy!

And just in case you do not know what this is all about, check on the right under “Ongoing Projects” the Battle of Oakenfall Novel. There you can read all the previous chapters!

Chapters 4 and 5


November 10

Progress Report – Battle of Oakenfall Novel (And a small preview)


While NaNoWriMo continues and I slowly progress through the novel (it will be tough as nails to get it all done by the end of the month) I wanted to share what I have prepared, to a greater or lesser extent, and that is the first two chapters of the novel.

While it’s just a small chunk of the whole novel, and we still have a way to go I think it’s a nice stopping point to introduce any and all those curious what this is all about.

So, if you wish to read the Novel in its current state (the first two chapters of it) follow the link below to the PDF and be free to download and print it as you see fit. Apologies for any mistakes in the text but I am not a great editor or even a spellchecker. I can at least hope it is readable.

Disclaimer(s): This novel will not be sold for any sum of money, it will be available for free download from this site. At the same time pleasure assume that the characters in the novel, how they are presented and how they act is not part of Armello canon/lore. It’s a work of fan-fiction, and as such I take some liberties in presenting the world in my own way (though hopefully close to the original).

Enjoy and expect more!

P.S. You can also see the tapestry of the Battle of Oakenfall here.

November 1

Taking part in NaNoWriMo 2017. Wish me luck!

In case you are wondering what is this NaNoWriMo gibberish, it’s a “Write a Novel in a Month” kind of event, similar to Inktober. The idea is that you will write a novel, 50,000 words in 30 days. Seems plausible, but will I actually succeed? We shall see!

More information about NaNoWriMo can be found here:

Wish me luck!

October 29

The Battle of Oakenfall is HERE!


A month of hard work and the Tapestry of the Battle of Oakenfall is finally FINISHED!

Oh, you hoped to see it here? Not so quickly!

Click here to go to the Battle of Oakenfall page, where you will get to see the final tapestry, poem and some more background information on the battle.

Or… click here to find out how the Tapestry was created, with a lot of sketches and drafts to keep you entertained.

Also, all of this would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of Travis Fam. Look at his Deviantart account, look at this work, and order commissions from him. I can be a starving writer but we cannot let the artists starve!


October 3

The Little Steps Toward a Larger Plan

Hey everybody,

You might be wondering about the visible lack of updates or new stories. Comics take time to make (the Armello “Comic” should be ready by the end of the month, no ETA for “It’s Over”) and stories take a bit of a time investment to write properly. That, and as of last week I have been secretly working on a project that, I hope, I will be able to turn into a larger series. Hush hush though, no details yet.

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September 17

Slight illness and Mini-Project Updates

Hey all!

Well, due to some annoying flu I am on anti-biotics until such a time that I fully recover (which should be about a week). But, fret not, work has been slowly moving forward.

The Script for the 1-page comic known as “It’s Over” has been approved and work is under way. I do not know when the first drafts will be ready (to give you all a sneak peak) but Joel needs his time to make sure the panels are as good as they get.

Now, onto the second Mini-Project. Together with Purpleground03 we are working a… “Tapestry”. Neither of us ever tried to create a Medieval Tapestry, so we are looking at actual historical works, and I sent forth a very rough sketch of what it might look like. I would show it to you all, but I am so shamefully bad at drawing I’d rather not.

If all goes well we will have two mini-projects finished by the end of the month, and what happens next? We shall see!

I am still figuring out how to work with Crowdfunding best, as it’s no easy piece of toast, and maybe, some time soon, I will be starting a small campaign for, at first, a shorter comic.

Until next time!