September 17

Slight illness and Mini-Project Updates

Hey all!

Well, due to some annoying flu I am on anti-biotics until such a time that I fully recover (which should be about a week). But, fret not, work has been slowly moving forward.

The Script for the 1-page comic known as “It’s Over” has been approved and work is under way. I do not know when the first drafts will be ready (to give you all a sneak peak) but Joel needs his time to make sure the panels are as good as they get.

Now, onto the second Mini-Project. Together with Purpleground03 we are working a… “Tapestry”. Neither of us ever tried to create a Medieval Tapestry, so we are looking at actual historical works, and I sent forth a very rough sketch of what it might look like. I would show it to you all, but I am so shamefully bad at drawing I’d rather not.

If all goes well we will have two mini-projects finished by the end of the month, and what happens next? We shall see!

I am still figuring out how to work with Crowdfunding best, as it’s no easy piece of toast, and maybe, some time soon, I will be starting a small campaign for, at first, a shorter comic.

Until next time!


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