November 26

The Helmet

Sometimes when I cannot motivate myself to work on one of my projects I decide to write something a bit shorter. Usually I look for an image to inspire me, or a “phrase” or word. Anything to get the gears of imagination going. In this case I used an drawing that an artist at Comic-Con drew for me of a character called Meenoo. This young cub though small has the energy and bravery of the greatest heroes known to man. No shrubbery, tree or frog will stop her in her quests and adventures! So, here is a bit of Meenoo for you. Hope you will enjoy!

Forgive the poor image quality, but the scanner was doing a poor job so I tried to photograph it.

This art piece is by Karolina Jedrzejak. You can find her on facebook:


Meenoo Draft

Meenoo was running along the dirt path back to her home, panting and gasping, with her school bag flung over her shoulder. The loud patter of her paws against the dirt could be heard, but she was not running away from anything, she was simply trying to get home as quickly as possible.

School finished early, there was still plenty of the day left, and Meenoo did not want to waste a single moment of it. Finally, home was within sight, and though she should had been exhausted the brave cub continued on, running off the road and sprinting through the grass and entering the house.

As if she were a tornado, little would seem to be able to stop her, as she cast her school bag aside and screamed at the top of her voice, “Mom! Dad! I am home!” and she ran off to her room.

Her startled mother peaked from another room, to see Meenoo’s bag discarded on the floor and tutted as she followed her overzealous daughter.

The moment the young cub entered her room she began to look in her closet for something, making a terrible mess of it as she did so. Pillows, cushions and different pieces of clothing were cast out until a triumphant mrowl came from her throat and Meenoo was holding out her trusty blade.

While not made of metal, and in fact an old wooden training sword, it was Meenoo’s most prized possession. With it she could slay demons and dragons, fight brigands and bandits. She was an unstoppable warrior, and a great hero! But, other than her weapon Meenoo also dug out her “armor”, which was, in fact, a few pieces of wood, tied with string that she used for “protection” from her many foes.

Meenoo was preparing to do battle with the enemy and she was almost ready when she heard her mother’s baneful words.

“Meenoo, lunch is almost ready.” she said, patiently setting down the cub’s school bag at the door. The great warrior knew what that meant and she turned around to face her mother, mewling pleadingly.

“But Moooom! I want to go out and plaaaay!” she was holding her blade in both hands, trying to coerce her mother’s mercy with the largest and roundest eyes she could muster, but it was to no avail.

“After lunch.” her mother said plainly and sternly, and though Meenoo wanted to argue the decision she knew there would be no winning this fight. With a grumble the cub sat down on the mat that covered the floor in her room and held her weapon as if it were a doll.

When Monia, Meenoo’s mother, left the cub heard the chirping of birds and she ran to her window, looking outside. She could see the frogs and fish in their pond, and the differently colored birds on the trees and brushes, and even some larger farm animals grazing calmly. And though the scene was peaceful to her imagination it was a great expanse, filled with dangers and monsters. The pond was a deep marsh, filled with sharks. The birds were dragons and harpies. The cows were Oni, powerful and large demons. And though, of course, she would never wish to harm them she did find a lot of joy in chasing them around.

Except for the cows, they largely ignored her, and even sniffed at her with their large noses, no matter how intimidating Meenoo tried to be.

It was tempting, oh so tempting, to leave through the window and play outside regardless but Meenoo knew that her Mother would not had approved of that at all. So she waited, she looked to the clouds as they slowly moved through the sky and the horror of losing the whole day was creeping up on her.

Finally, she was called to lunch, and with all haste she ran to the dining room still dressed in her “armor”, sword in hand. As she sat down her Mother tutted again in disapproval.

Aside from Meenoo and Monia there were two other cats present. Her brother, Katsu, and father, Mraaw. Katsu, the calm and shy artist and fan of calligraphy, but about her father she did not know much , other than his love for spoiling both of his cubs.

All of them, were dressed in their Kimonos. Meenoo of course was partly decorated in her armor, but it did not obstruct her movements at the slightest.

The table had a number of dishes and plates, filled with allotted meals for each cat. Rice and fish, with a big of greenery for good health. Katsu ate calmly, using his chopsticks masterfully, as did Mraaw. Monia however narrowed her eyes as she watched Meenoo devour her portion with the fine finesse of a swine eating out of a trough.

To Meenoo speed was more important than the actual food, and this display even made Katsu and Mraaw stop in surprise.

“What is the hurry Meenoo? Did you spot another monster in our garden?” asked Mraaw with a smile.

Though Meenoo’s mouth was full she let out an “Mhm!” and she swallowed loudly. “I am finisheeed!” she then shouted out. Though indeed her bowl was empty most of the food was simply outside of it, on the table and floor.

Monia was about to speak but her husband got in the way first.

“Go Meenoo! Fight the monsters. You are free to go.”

The cub let out a cheer and charged off, out of the room. Though she could not had heard it Monia let out a disapproving growl at Mraaw’s hasty decision to let Meenoo off the hook so easily, though, as it was always the case she would relent.

Meenoo was finally outside, and she began fighting everything. From the trees, to the brushes and even her own shadow. She swung her blade in every direction and with the cutest warcries one could imagine the cub was well into her grand adventure.

Or she would had been if she was not stopped by her father.

Mraaw came out of the house, both of his hands behind his back.

“Where are you going Meenoo?” he asked, innocently enough.

“I am going to fight the monsters Daddy!” and she gestured with her sword in an unknown direction.

“Are you not forgetting something then, brave warrior?” he asked, with a slight smirk on his face. Meenoo investigated her armor, all was present, and her blade was in her hand. She shook her head, confident that she had everything.

Mraaw then produced, from behind his back, a gift for the cub. It wasn’t exactly a helmet, more like a repurposed bucket. Parts of it were cut out, and the handle removed, to create an almost convincing piece of headgear.

To Meenoo however this meant the world. Her mouth opened wide and she let out a surprised mrawl as she took the helmet and put it on her head. Though her ears were sticking out, and it was likely that the helmet would fall off with too much movement there could not had been a happier cat in the entire world, at that moment.

“Now go, brave warrior, but return before it gets dark!” said Mraaw. Though Meenoo was still awestruck she nodded quickly and then returned to her grand adventure. Now, her armor complete, no enemy could ever defeat her! With her battlecry renewed she charged off, trying to catch a mighty dragon with her blade as it flew right above her!

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