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Lynxes in the Kitchen

Kitchen Lynx by AlRadeck

An attempt at writing a children’s tale. Starring Lynx Cubs. Inspired by an image by AlRadeck.

Kitchen Lynx by AlRadeck
Kitchen Lynx by AlRadeck

Lynxes in the Kitchen

There were once thee Lynx cubs, adventurous little felines not afraid of anything. They always looked for a game to play, or places to explore. The world was so big, why would you stay at home!

One day Mamma Lynx left the burrow, in search of food for her family. She told her cubs to stay put, because the world was far too dangerous for such three little Lynxes.

But the little Lynxes did not listen. There were so many different smells to feel and sights to see and things to do! As soon as Mamma Lynx was out of sight the little cubs went out to play.

The sun was bright, it was warm and dry. The little Lynx cubs ran around their burrow, played with each other, took turns to climb the highest trees! But soon, they felt quiet hungry from all their fun.

But Mamma Lynx did not come back yet, so the three little Lynxes decided they had to find their own food. So they strayed from the burrow, sniffing the ground and air, and suddenly they could sense a familiar smell!

“Milk!” one of them exclaimed, and the three run toward the source. After a while they saw a little hut, and noticed a clay jug filled with milk waiting in front of the door. Nobody appeared to be inside the house, so the little cubs snuck up to it, and approached the jug.

The first little Lynx put his head into the jug and licked the milk, “It is Sour!” he said.

The second little Lynx tried the same milk and shouted, “It tastes Bad!”

The third little Lynx tried again, making a sad face “It must be old!”

It seems the jug was put in front of the house because the milk went stale.

The Lynxes then thought that there might be more inside. The three Lynxes approached the door to the house, and pushed on it as hard as they could with their paws. The Door creaked as it slowly swung open, and the three little Lynxes entered the house.

It was an old wooden house, with some dusty furniture, a few odds and ends. The little lynxes explored it, room by room. First they found the main room with a lot of tall furniture, pictures on the walls and a stone fireplace. Then the bedroom, with a big wide bed, and armoire filled with clothes of different sizes. Finally, they found the kitchen, with a warm stove, and rich smells of food!

But where was the milk? There was only one way to find out.

The three little Lynxes spread out through the kitchen, in search of their precious white drink. One of them checked the cupboards on the ground, opening them one by one with his paws. Old kettles and plates, cutlery and pots, but no sign of milk!

The second checked the shelves high up! He climbed and jumped and carefully moved between the flower pots and other curious objects. There was no milk here either!

The third cub climbed atop of the kitchen table, and then exclaimed, “I see it! It’s right here!”.

The three little lynxes looked to the table, a tall metal jug standing in the center They all climbed onto to the table, and one of them put his head into the jug. “I can see it, but it’s too deep! My tongue cannot reach it.” So the three little Lynxes had to find a way to get the milk out of the jug.

They could not use a spoon, to scoop it out. Their paws could not hold a spoon. They had no straws to drink through, and they could not pour the milk into any glass!

So the three little Lynxes decided there was only one thing they could do. They would tip the jar over and spill the milk over the table to then drink it.

So together the three little Lynxes jumped against the Jug, it was heavy and big, but together they managed to topple it over! With a loud clang the jug was on its side, and the milk from its depths spilled onto the table. Quickly the three Lynxes began to savor the milk, lapping it happily, not letting it go to waste.

But their little plan soon met a setback, because soon they heard a woman’s voice from outside the house, “Who is causing that ruckus?!”. Soon a large woman, grumpy and old saw the three Lynxes and the spilled milk. She grabbed her broom and chased the Lynxes out, “Thieves! Brigands! Out of my house!” and the three little Lynxes fled back to the forest, chased for a while, by the angry housewife.

Quickly they ran back to their den, mewling happily and laughing. Even though they had to run, and could not drink the whole milk up, it was an adventure to remember, and a daring escape. An adventure that brought the three Lynxes even closer together.

The End


Writing: WriterX (Myself)

Image: Lynx in the Kitchen by AlRadeck. Buy the print here!

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