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Armello Bestiary – Some more

While not a story I wanted to share some more of my creative deliberations on some critters that might or might not be suited for Armello. It is nothing too fancy, but in a world filled with magic I think we can go the extra mile and spice it up a bit.

This includes the Plagueling, but also a few other beings that I thought up (or based off of other mythological/fantasy creatures).

The Armello Bestiary


Moon Maiden

Moon Maidens are spirits that inhabit ruins or shrines dedicated to the worship of the moon. They appear only during the night, and they shy away from bright lights. Though their exact origin is unknown they tend to appear in less civilized areas, as protectors and sometimes guides.

They look much like bright stars, floating around with ease, though in terms of size they are no larger than a hand. Moon Maidens do not communicate in any clear manner, nor do they have a clear need for nourishment or sleep.

Even though they cannot communicate with others they seem to understand certain languages or words. As such it has been on occasion known for Moon Maidens to guide pilgrims through many a strange paths to and from their shrines.

When they themselves or their shrine is threatened Moon Maidens will “swat” at their attackers, and some more powerful or ancient Maidens have been known to use magic associated with the moon, such as Moonbite.

However, as they only appear during the night their homes are largely unprotected and defenseless during the day. The exception being areas underground or in deep forests where it’s usually darker.


Echos are shapeless, almost see through sprites that are very difficult to spot or notice. They are mischievous beings that enjoy luring travelers off beaten paths and then feed off their fear and despair when they are lost. Due to their lack of solid shape it is difficult to judge their actual height or width, but they are usually of “average” size.

Echos are creatures of the air that have learned to mimic calls or voices they have previously heard, although they do not truly seem to understand what they are echoing. As such some people can tell straight away when an Echo is trying to lure them away, but those lacking knowledge of these beings could be easily caught off guard.

Their only known form of defense are loud sounds. When threatened they will attempt to shriek or howl, hoping to thus deafen their opponent before attempting to flee.



Plaguelings are small humanoid “Imps”. Affiliated with the Corruption and Rot, they tend to take the form of goats or rats. They are spirits that either come to be when a plague is especially deadly, or when summoned by a warlock. Their bodies lack any internal organs, instead they are goo-like in being, held together only by their own magic. Plaguelings sole purpose is to spread disease and plagues.

There are stories of these creatures running through the countryside, traveling from village to village with that aim in mind. When one village falls they head to another. The victims of their countless plagues usually die, but the few unlucky ones who remain alive become Shamblers. Shamblers are plague-ridden, much like the Plaguelings, but greatly weakened and frailer than they were once, when healthy. It even seems the Plaguelings can control the Shamblers, capable of giving them the simplest possible commands.

While the Plaguelings themselves are not tough or strong it is folly to try and fight one up close, since their own bodies are the weapon they so gladly use.


Spirits born of fire. Some especially skilled mages can turn an ordinary fire into these wild and unpredictable creatures. Their lives are short, for they only last for as long as their flame persists, and their aim is simple, to set everything around them alight in order to extend their lives.

On very rare occasions Kindlings appeared without the aid of a mage, and their size, strength and length of their lives greatly depended on the fire they were born from. As such they could be as small as a match’s flame, or as large as forest fire.

Kindlings can most often be found near permanent sources of heat and flame, such as active volcanoes. Some especially creative casters have used Kindlings to keep their forges or fireplaces permanently alight, assuming they can make sure the Kindling does not burn down anything else in the process.

Kindlings can communicate with one another with ease, but only older Kindlings seem capable of grasping the speech of other folk.



Humonculi are often created by sorcerers, witches and warlocks as servants and spies. These creatures of limited intelligence and learning are created through a magical ritual through which a construct is granted life by a blood sacrifice.

Indeed, depending on the sacrifice in question and the materials used to create the Humonculus it could be little more than a mindless gremlin made out of sticks, mud and stones, or a sophisticated marble golem, capable of protecting his master’s home as well as performing other tasks.

What ties all golems together is a heart that is formed during the ritual. If it is pierced the Humonculus is destroyed. Whether a Humonculus can communicate and what manner of tasks it can perform depends on the creator’s skill, wishes and the sacrifice he manages to procure.

This being said, there are commonly two types of Humonculi. Lesser, who are created from one’s blood but without a full sacrifice and Greater, which require said sacrifice. Lesser Humonculi are much less intelligent than their Greater cousins, but also considered much less evil, if less practical.

A Humonculus is bound to his creator, and will obey their every command. If their creator is killed they will continue performing their last given order. In the rare few occasions where a Humonculus completes his orders after his master’s death the Humonculus will be free to do as he wishes. Most, however, turn stagnant and fall apart with time.

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