October 3

The Little Steps Toward a Larger Plan

Hey everybody,

You might be wondering about the visible lack of updates or new stories. Comics take time to make (the Armello “Comic” should be ready by the end of the month, no ETA for “It’s Over”) and stories take a bit of a time investment to write properly. That, and as of last week I have been secretly working on a project that, I hope, I will be able to turn into a larger series. Hush hush though, no details yet.

But that’s not all that has been happening for the past three or so weeks. I want to take a major step toward becoming a registered (and fully legal) business owner in Poland. To that end I have been doing a lot of research into our wonderful National Insurance system, VAT and Income taxes. All would seem to be good to go but I was told to wait until the start of 2018. Why? Well, it’s the National Insurance.

You see, in Poland the National Insurance you pay depends on how much you earn, but there is also a bare minimum. This bare minimum, for small up-start companies, is halved for two years. In 2018 there might be changes extending that grace period to three years. So if I registered myself as a company now I could benefit less than if I waited these three months.

You might be wondering about National Insurance exemptions here in Poland, but as far as I know they only apply to Students and the Elderly. New company owners have this “Half” grace period for two years, after which they pay their regular fees. While I *think* I could survive those two years without much of an issue there is always the matter of “What if”. Business might turn out slow for the first and second year, who knows?

As you might also guess, until things do not kick off in my writing career I will have to focus on something else I have been focusing on, namely translations. Right now I started a course to become a Sworn Translator and I work, part-time, as a translator. It’s work that keeps me afloat, and it’s a day-job (if we can call it that) that I actually enjoy.

So, first of all, do not be panicked about the lack of visible updates or new projects coming up. I want to maintain a steady stream of comics and stories until the end of 2018. After that, when we reach 2018, kick things off with a bang.

So, stay tuned!

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